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Graphic and Logo Designs


David Emmanuel Noel is available for commissioned paintings, illustrations, cartoons and design commissions including publications, posters, web and logo designs. Providing a friendly and supportive service, he would be happy to discuss your requirements. For further information or to have an initial conversation please contact the artist


Alternatively please book an appointment 



'' We are a small business entertainment agency based in London established since 2012 .. We commissioned the graphic website design services of David Emmanuel Noel, giving him a clear overview of ideas for expansion and suggestions for graphics and the website.


… David has produced very good graphics and a website to our satisfaction that will enable us to present our company professionally in the music industry. We are pleased to recommend his graphic design and websites services and know he will significantly enhance your business.''


Pauline Philips,

Director of Adassa Entertainment UK


" engaged David to design and produce a series of concept boards for an Arizion client. David listened carefully to our brief and developed a number of imaginative, different and unusual boards that delivered the outcomes we were seeking for our client. We have subsequently engaged David for further creative work."


Geoff Langston, Managing Director of Arizion


" David and I have collaborated in many capacities and I have always been pleased with the results. As of recent he has helped me create flyers for advertising my shows and has provided great advice on how they should look. I have come to trust his artistic eye, realising he knows what I am looking for even before I do and this is an indispensable quality to have...."


Darry Yokley- Composer



“ A good logo is crucial in branding and marketing a music artist and David paid meticulous attention to my criteria and came up with a variety of designs….It has been a pleasure working with him, a professional that is so prompt and creativity talented “


DaPaul Philips – Musician

Graphic Designs by David Emmanuel Noel
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