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' The purpose of my art through strong vibrant colours is to capture and provoke thought and a sense of the world through characters, landscapes and abstracts I paint. I am interested in some forms of cultural representation, yet equally interested in the impulsiveness and subjective aspect of painting — in the application of paint and the balance of colour, scale, line and movement. 

There is a great therapeutic release when I paint. I've been drawing and painting since I was a young boy but I was always encouraged by loving parents to pursue more mainstream careers like law and accounting, where a good job and stability were seen as guaranteed.


Despite reading other subjects at college and university, I maintained my enthusiasm and achieved satisfaction working with others on art projects. Perhaps my drive stems from my constant desire to challenge the view that art is a peculiar luxury benefiting a privileged few who have a license to define an artist and art itself. What is art? What is good art? To find the answer never go to an art critic or someone who feels they have sufficient experience to judge. Never go to the individual who claims to have a trained eye for seeing the wood from the trees!


Art is and will always be subjective as it provides therapeutic pleasure, comfort and purpose to that individual. Art is not a luxury but a necessity for maintaining our sense of the world particularly when our understanding of it can be flawed by those who easily influence and mislead us.I believe art plays a powerful role in recording or even distorting history and our appreciation of ourselves and others. In various mediums art is a significant tool to shape society and our future.'

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