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A selection of work forming the Fusion Series. The result is an experimentation of colour, using a variety of acrylic paints and ink.

In recent years there has been a growing acceptance that the healthcare environment can significantly impact a patient’s perception of their medical care and, in some cases, their actual recovery. Health professionals explore the psychology of colour and how well-chosen hues on walls, floors and furniture can positively or negatively affect a person’s health and wellbeing.


The viewer is also encouraged to think about the relationships between tones and textures in paintings, and how they provoke emotions and contribute to the therapeutic impact of colour. The work is an experiment that explores the relationship between art, mental health and well-being, stemming from David’s work with building contractors, architects, interior designers and health professionals interested in creating therapeutic environments.

David Emmanuel Noel- Face of Fusion
Climates of Motion 1
Colour in Motion..
Climates of Motion 2
Shades of Colour v1
Fusion 18 Part 2
David Emmanuel Noel- Emergence
David Emmanuel Noel Amalga 3
David Emmanuel Noel Amalga 2
David Emmanuel Noel Amalga 1
David Emmanuel Noel Fusion (2)
Fusion (3)
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