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A selection of figurative, abstract and landscape work. A number of featured works fall into themes on subsequent pages. 

Abstract work represent a variety of themes including music, dance, symbolism and spirituality - measures of self expression and identity which interest the artist. The themes are interpreted in a selection of loose and fluid styles, enabling the observer to capture and interpret moods and expressions of each piece freely. The artist’s work is heavily influenced by African and Caribbean art and artists from the diasporas, their use of colour and acknowledgment of family, religion and relationships.


Work forming the 'Fusion Series' is an experiment that explores the relationship of art mental heath and wellbeing. The work is an experimentation of colour, using a variety of acrylic paints. The viewer is encouraged to think about the relationships between tones and textures , how they provoke emotions and contribute to the therapeutic impact of colour.


Works are available for sale as limited edition prints and gift cards. For further information please contact the artist

Colour in Motion..
Climates of Motion 1
David Emmanuel Noel- Woman in Garden
David Emmanuel Noel- Rough Seas
Figurine 3
Woman with Scarf
David Emmanuel Noel- Bearded Biker
David Emmanuel Noel- Fatherland
The Trumpet Player..
Lord of the Dance
Can You See Him
David Emmanuel Noel  The Swimmer
Blowing a Kiss.._
The Arabian
The Sunset - David Emmanuel Noel
Love & Tenderness ( A&E )
The Sleeper
Supremacy of God.
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