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Artist's Practice: Eyes On The Arts 

David Emmanuel Noel img_6288-c2a9-gary-thomas-kypa-2021-edit-1.jpg

Occhi, pronounced OH-KEE, means eyes in Italian. David’s company, ‘Occhi Arts and Entertainment’ uses ‘ Our Eyes on the Arts’ as its tagline. The company is now an ingrained and significant component, not only of David’s interdisciplinary practice but his professional and intellectual development. The Occhi brand has become his primary platform for sharing research, cross-disciplinary collaboration, event curation, advocacy, the promotion of arts for education, and social and economic advance.

Using varying social and online media, the curated platforms have a focus on creative people – who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Collaborating with guest writers, hosts, and contributors, It features emergent rising stars to critically acclaimed award-winning artists in the visual arts, film, music, literature, and dance.  This continues to develop through ongoing collaborations, particularly with individual artists, curators, and art organisations.  The outcomes and outputs include  David’s co-curated project ‘Together For Our Planet’. Inspired by the UK Creative Earth Competition, Occhi Arts and Entertainment and Phoenix FTA Limited invited young artists from around the world to creatively engage with key topics of concern at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. The initiative provided artists with a renewed opportunity to visually express their views to world leaders and community stakeholders by producing 2D artwork. 

David's practice and this project has operated without any state funding or support from arts funding agencies. Your help towards supporting Occhi Arts and Entertainment initiatives is greatly appreciated. For further information on Occhi, visit

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