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Museum Pedagogy: Informing and Educating through a Parallel Delivery of Arts, Media, and Mentorship

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The Association of African American Museums (AAAM) holds its 2021 conference this month. The event is designed to provide networking opportunities for young museum professionals, professional development, and online learning. Reflecting on the event , Vedet Coleman-Robinson, Executive Director said, “Last year’s successful launch of the first virtual conference proved that despite our distance, we can still learn, grow, and network together virtually. Historically the AAAM conference is a family reunion of sorts for professionals of African and African American focused museums as well as a wide array of cultural institutions. Last year, we gathered and connected virtually and we all were safe, protected and healthy. We want to have that same outcome this year.”

David Emmanuel Noel joins Bahamian documentarian, researcher and interdisciplinary artist Kishan Munroe, and award-winning interdisciplinary artist /anthropologist Alexis Alleyne-Caputo for the panel discussion titled ‘Museum Pedagogy: Informing and Educating through a Parallel Delivery of Arts, Media, and Mentorship’.

Registered conference participants will gain insight on a variety of topics surrounding the museum field from a range of museum professionals throughout the country with the conference and plenary sessions. Keeping in the tradition of their conferences, AAAM will have special guests for their keynote address and evening receptions. This year’s event will again be virtual allowing registrants to be safe, empowered, and engaged while keeping safe and healthy.

The Conference runs from August 4 -6th 2021
For further information, please visit the AAAM website

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